Amazon's counter-punch to Barnes & Noble's Glowlight Nook is expected to come in the form of a front-lit Kindle, says a Reuters report, which hints of a release date in July. That should come as no surprise that Amazon is gearing up for some form of a front-lit e-reader, given the two companies are locked in an e-reader arms race. B&N was the first to add the front-lit screen, making it the best e-reader on the market. Amazon plans to add front lighting to both the Wi-Fi and 3G versions of the Kindle Touch (sorry Kindle Keyboard), according to Reuters. If all goes according to plan, the updated models should hit Amazon’s virtual shelves this July. One thing that won't be good to go is a color E Ink display. Although Amazon has been in talks with E Ink, the report notes the technology won't be ready this year.

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Amazon aims to launch front-end Kindle in July: source [Reuters]