So you want to work in game development? Where do you start, what kind of skills do you need? We were at the Mecca of conferences for game developers - believe it or not, it's called the Game Developers Conference. We know, super clever. Anyway, we thought we'd share some of the insights we heard there. So without further ado... What's one of the top skills you can learn in game development? Funny you should ask. Here's a head scratcher: as a technical artist, your masterpiece may not actually be the video game itself. Rob explains. What do you get if you mix a passionate gamer, a mouse and a recruiter? We don't really know, but Michelle has some tips on getting a job in gaming. If you can't watch the rest of the videos on YouTube, there's just one more we think you should see: Which games inspired attendees to become game developers. The answers may surprise you. Or not. Do you work in game development? How'd you break into the industry? And what games inspired you? Tell us by posting a comment below. -- David Spark and Adam Fudala