Main image of article What if George Lucas Had Directed the New ‘Star Wars’?
Late last week, Disney released a ninety-second trailer for the latest Star Wars movie, which is scheduled to arrive in theaters by the end of 2015. While the trailer itself didn’t reveal very much about the plot or characters of the space epic, it’s already providing seemingly endless material for fan art, homages, and even parodies. One of the most popular parodies circulating online, created by Michael Shanks, re-edits the trailer in a way that suggests what might have happened if George Lucas—who sold the rights to the Star Wars franchise in 2012 and didn’t direct this latest installment—had gotten his hands on the footage. Spoiler alert: It features everything that diehard Star Wars fans hated about the prequels and the “Special Edition” versions of the original trilogy, from excessive use of computer graphics to a very special guest appearance by a certain much-reviled character. At least J.J. Abrams, at the helm of the new movie, won’t actually make the same sorts of mistakes, right? Right?

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