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Google Reality GlassesGoogle X, one of Google's research teams, announced the start of new augmented reality project that will give your vision a new reality: Project Glass. Would you wear AR glasses to see an enhanced, digitized world? Post your thoughts below.  The AR glasses are expected to give you information related to the environment you are in, such as the weather report when you look at the sky. Google's AR glasses apparently feature an opaque display that is situated just above the eye, a camera and a microphone. Based on what Google says these glasses can do, they should have a built-in microprocessor, memory module, GPS, Bluetooth, battery and perhaps Android OS. I assume Google will link these glasses to an existing device, like an Android smartphone or maybe a tablet. The opaque display has integrated pixels that reveal information each time the user will interact with the glasses or when notifications pop up. In the video Google posted, the person who uses reality glasses is able to perform several actions while using them: write messages, schedule reminders, use GPS directions to walk on the street, take photos and share them, and perform video calls. And all could not be performed without taking advantage of Google's services like Google Maps or Google+. Even if Google just announced Project Glass, I'm sure that they already performed a lot of tests and we might see the beginning of beta soon. Maybe Google's glasses will be offered to consumers in the same way ChromeOS laptops were tested. I'm sure this subject will be explored more deeply over the next months/years. [youtube=]