Main image of article Google Opens Second Bricks-and-Mortar Store
Google is all about the Web. It makes billions of dollars annually through online advertising. But when it comes to physical goods, the company's just beginning to venture into new waters: Bricks and Mortar. The California-based company has opened its first Chromezone, a booth-like store in a branch of Currys and PC world on London's Tottenham Court Road. The store sells only the Chromebook and some accessories. "It is our first foray into physical retail. This is a new channel for us and it's still very, very early days. It's something Google is going to play with and see where it leads," says Arvind Desikan, head of consumer marketing at Google UK. Customers visiting the store can learn about the Chromebook by consulting the trained staff. At the same time, the company learns how people react to the device. "We want to see whether people understand what this device is all about and monitor their reaction when they try it out," Desikan explains. Google is set to open similar stores around the world. The next one will be launched on tomorrow at Essex's Lakeside Shopping Centre.