Main image of article Google’s Blogger and Picasa to be Retired (Sort of)
In case you hadn’t heard, Google has been slowly but steadily opening the doors to its new Google+ social network -- and it looks like it's serious this time. How serious? Serious enough, says Mashable, that two popular Google products will be getting a name change: Blogger and Picasa. They'll be renamed Google Blogs and Google Photos. It's also rumored that several other Google entities will receive similar treatment, though YouTube will retain its identity (Google Videos did not exactly work out the last time). It seems that Google is preparing to better integrate its blogging and image sharing platforms with Google+. The changes are expected to be implemented within the next six weeks,  which is in line with the public opening of Google+. That's rumored to happen on July 31, when Google's public profiles are killed off. Source: Mashable