Got your Red Bull? Good! Let's power through the Chartboost Hackathon held over this past weekend but do it in less than 30 hours. Strap in and here we go for a recap:
  • What's a hackathon without a meetup? How else do solo hackers find potential team members? And, hey, how do you become a hackathon rockstar? Check out the Friday night hackathon party piece.
  • So, you say it's a 30-hour hackathon, eh? How are these folks going to last? Let me see those Saturday afternoon fresh faces before the grind gets nasty. (actually, participants did get some shut eye since the facility closed at 2 a.m. Sunday morning and re-opened around 10 a.m. PST)
  • Well, what about the winners? Who got the Sunday night winner's glory? You'll just have to click on the proverbial envelope. You'll also find an added bonus of a video of the winning game.