A hacker named ReckzOr claims to have infiltrated 1,700 U.S. and foreign bank accounts and pilfered 50 GB of data relating to bank-issued Visa and Mastercard credit cards, says ZDNet. And, apparently, it was just for the sport of it. This so called Grey-hat noted in a post in Pastebin that:
Today's target is VISA & Mastercard, I will be only leaking a portion of the credit card information, as I cannot leak the entire data, it's too large, and this is the certain proof that i've hacked into VISA & Mastercard....I'm also censoring the credit card information such as CC Number, Secret Code, Expiry date for security measures, I also edited the way the information will look, the original one looked bullshit.
What did he leak? Customer names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses, as well as whether it was a Visa or Mastercard account, says ZDNet. And the Los Angeles Times notes the 79 banks were hit over a three-month period. May be time to make an inquiry with your friendly credit-card issuer whether your account information has been breached.

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