Main image of article The Hot Tech Sectors of 2012
2012 might be a great year to pursue a job opportunity in an emerging technology sector, particularly if you like the idea of creating new websites or applications and tapping virgin markets. Some 565,000 new businesses were created in 2010--the highest rate in 15 years--and now several new tech firms have received funding and plan to expand in 2012. Even a few well-established tech companies are using new offerings to enter untapped markets. So, be sure to check out these industries and companies if you’re ready to hit the pioneering trail.
  •  Collaborative Commerce If you don’t mind sharing a car, bicycle, or vacation space, this could be the industry for you. Companies are building smartphone apps and websites that allow friends, family, and strangers to barter, share, gift or rent possessions and even family-style meals in what is described as a multibillion-dollar market. Some of the hot companies in the space include Zipcar, Getaround, and Grabwithus.
  • Me Commerce More than 35 percent of U.S. online consumers are interested in customizing product features or in purchasing build-to-order products that use their specs. So it’s no wonder that customized e-tailers are on the rise, offering consumers everything from made-to-order candy to personalized jewelry. Hot companies include Chocomize, Shoes of Prey, and Gemvera.
  • Crime Stoppers It seems like the defense industry would be plagued by budget cuts in 2012 but instead, companies like Raytheon are carving out a new niche in the marketplace by selling battlefield technology to local law enforcement. The technology allows patrol officers to search the FBI database and scan fingerprints on the spot and the company recently leased additional space and plans to expand in 2012.