I got some hands-on with Windows 8 this week. While I won't say I'm in Love, I'll confess to being in heavy Like. In fact, it may be heavy enough for me to spend 40 bucks to upgrade from Windows 7 Home. I might also stop pestering Alice for an iPad and push for a Surface instead. (The 64 GB with the black type cover, to be specific.) This is not a small thing. If you don't count the Morrow Designs Micro Decision MD I bought in 1983, my first computer was a Mac Plus, my second a Mac LC 500. My third was a Gateway, which model I don't remember. What I do remember is it was a high as my knee and as thick as my thigh. For several years after that, I told people that I'd been a better person when I used a Macintosh. Of course that's an exaggeration, but even after years of Windows work I saw Macs as being easier to use. Now, I'm not so sure. When I clicked around Windows 8, I found what I was looking for pretty quickly and couldn't shake the feeling that maybe I can live without iOS after all. Gasp. This isn't an entirely fair thing for to say. To be honest, I only spent about five minutes with Windows 8. But for the first time in a long time, I'm feeling some excitement about a new OS and how it can help me work. And I haven't really felt that since 1984. How about you? Have you had a chance to try out Windows 8? Tell me if you have, and what you think, in the comments below.