Main image of article HP Actively Looking to Sell webOS (Report)
Hewlett-Packard is reportedly looking to sell its webOS platform, according to Reuters. Originally developed by Palm, webOS was acquired by HP last year along with its parent company for $1.2 billion. Although the mobile OS was often praised for its fluidity, great notification implementation and excellent multitasking, it never really took off. The chaos within HP over the past few months, along with the failure of the HP TouchPad, the only webOS tablet ever made, both play a part in contributing to the uncertainty of the platform's future. Just days ago, CEO Meg Whitman told employees that a decision hadn't been made on the future of webOS. "It's really important to me to make the right decision, not the fast decision," she said. HP wouldn't confirm or deny the Reuters report. If it's true, the buyer of webOS will have to fork out only hundred of millions of dollars, well under the $1.2 billion HP paid for Palm. Among those who might be interested: Amazon, Research In Motion, IBM, Oracle and Intel. Photo: Jayne Vidheecharoen