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If you want to be recognized as a developer, all you have to do is create an app that everyone downloads, uses and loves. Simple, right? Yes, but what if the point is only to show your programming prowess and nothing else? Would it be a good idea to actually infringe someone else’s intellectual property just to create a popular app? Not that we condone this kind of behavior, but that’s exactly what Ryan Oldenberg did. He built a clone of Tetris. Oldenberg was well aware he was going to get into trouble creating a Tetris clone. He purposely called it Titres (swapping  the “I” and “E” in Tetris) but that wasn’t enough to thwart The Tetris Company’s lawyers. They sent paperwork to Google, Google took it off the market, and that was the end of it. Oldenberg didn’t have to worry about his own personal well-being. Titres was a huge success, Oldenberg got a lot of notoriety, and ultimately a job as an Android developer for the travel search engine, Hipmunk. Watch Oldenberg recount how fast he got the job during his last week of finals in school. Image: Ironic1