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Delta Air Lines recently launched a first-of-its-kind airport travel experience called PARALLEL REALITY at Detroit Metropolitan Airport. This groundbreaking technology allows up to 100 passengers to see personalized flight and airport wayfinding content tailored to their unique travel journey on a single digital screen—at the same time. Each person who opts into the experience will only see content tailored their individual journey.

Priya Saste, General Manager of Airport Experience at Delta, played a key role in bringing this experience to life:

“The vision for PARALLEL REALITY at Delta started in The Hangar, our global innovation hub, where we harness research, design and technology to explore ideas that enable effortless travel. The Hangar team saw the technology developed by Misapplied Sciences and immediately identified its potential to personalize the airport journey, ultimately showcasing the experience for the first time at the Consumer Electronics Show in 2020.

I led the cross functional team that worked to unveil the PARALLEL REALITY experience at Detroit’s Metro Airport in June of 2022. This technology addresses a top need for many Delta passengers – how to navigate through the airport and get from point A to point B confidently. In collaboration with Misapplied Sciences, we’ve delivered an experience that alleviates the often-overwhelming journey from curb to gate in an interactive, effective and powerfully personalized manner. The reaction from our customers has been extremely positive, and it is delightful to see the looks on their faces when they see the technology at work. Most important, it’s satisfying to know we’ve eased some of the stress that naturally comes with traveling."

Delta was honored with the top prize, the Pioneer Award, at the 2022 Future Travel Experience conference. This award recognizes outstanding efforts to transform the passenger experience and define the future of the travel industry.

"It was an honor to see all the hard work and effort that went into PARALLEL REALITY be recognized in such a significant manner.”

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