Internet Defense LeagueA huge buzz circulated on the Internet this year over bills like SOPA/PIPA, ACTA and CISPA. The online community was clearly on the verge of receiving blows that could have killed it. Fortunately, as the world's attention  focused on Facebook's IPO and other breaking news, a non-profit group called Fight for the Future had an idea to create the Internet Defense League. Any website, blog or even YouTube channel can join to fight against anti-piracy laws. A list of big websites have already joined: Reddit, Mozilla, Wordpress, Chezburger, Craiglist, Imgur, Electronic Frontier Foundation and Cloudflare. And that's just the beginning. Internet Defense League's logo is funny. Its Batman-like alert signal is the perfect choice -- the Internet should be saved in a Batman way. Right now you can join the league by accessing its website and signing up to receive a "sample alert code." The next time there's an emergency, the league will inform you and send new code. Then, it's your decision to "pull the trigger" and activate its emergency broadcast system.
The Internet Blackout was just the beginning. Together, our websites and personal networks can mobilize the planet to defend the Internet from bad laws and monopolies. Are you in?

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