Main image of article Katango Adds Circles Goodness To Facebook, Automagically
After multiple failed social initiatives, Google seems to have nailed it with Google+, featuring circles, hangouts, sparks and huddle. Circles is Google's way of organizing contacts, making it easy to share updates and content only to the appropriate bunch. Some argue that Facebook has been doing this for ages with friends lists and groups, but there is no easy way to share something with a particular list without going through the site's tedious privacy customization process -- for every single update. Joining a group, on the other hand, requires an invitation from a member, which I find unnatural. Katango, a Silicon Valley startup, wants to do the heavy lifting for Facebook. After signing into the Katango iPhone app with Facebook Connect, it'll automatically sort your Facebook friends into various groups -- taking factors like location, workplace, school and friend interactions into account. The grouping is pretty accurate, but if you're unhappy, you can easily edit it. Every time you share an update with a specific group, the app customizes the privacy settings for you, showing the post only to the people it's intended for. Friends who've got the Katango app installed will receive the update right on their iPhone. Besides status updates, Katango also supports photo sharing. But instead of uploading the photos to your Facebook account, the photos will be stored on Katango's server, creating a sharing link just like photo sharing works on Twitter (though not as pretty). The Katango app is available for free in the App Store. Katango ScreenshotKatango Screenshot [youtube] Source: Inside Facebook