Main image of article the Sound of Coding to Coders at Home
LonelyOne of the disadvantages of working at home is being on your own most of the time. But while some might consider it a blessing, not having co-workers -- or even a supervisor -- around means you could get lonely at some point. The lack of people working, in an environment that is hardly conducive to focus (I wonder if there's any cake left in the fridge?) can lead you astray. If this sounds familiar, can help. The website lets you play the sound of keyboard and mouse click-clacking continuously, so your workspace sounds as if there's another person banging away nearby. It helps focus you to work, not look at another YouTube video or browse Reddit. You can choose the intensity of the sound by selecting "Monday morning code," "Hackathon coding," or "Angry dev coding." I guess they're pretty self-explanatory. I advise against going for the third mode. It might just stress you out.

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Image: Craig Lindner, via Flickr