The IT Department Of Tomorrow [BusinessWeek]
As new technologies emerge that reshape the data center landscape, IT management is faced with the task of delegating responsibilities.

Project Management: 4 Steps to Get Flagging Projects Back on Track [CIO]
Nine questions to help you determine whether to cut your losses on a project or if it's worth recovering, plus four steps for getting your project recovery effort underway.

Is Google App Inventor a Gateway Drug or a Doomsday Device for Android? [TechCrunch]
When you first look at Google App Inventor for Android, it may not look like much. That is to say, it's ugly. But as with many Google services, beneath a layer of homeliness, there appears to be much more.

NSA Launches Infrastructure Cybersecurity Program [InformationWeek]
The "Perfect Citizen" program will seek to help mitigate cyber attacks on critical infrastructure like power plants, air traffic control systems and the electrical grid.

Mobile Internet Use Surges To 59% Of Adults [InformationWeek]
According to the latest Pew study, the proportion of adults are accessing the Internet and Web applications wirelessly is up from 51 percent a year ago.

-- Sonia R. Lelii