IT employees of the future may be less focused on building and delivering services and more focused on integrating and managing them. I wrote about this shift earlier this month, sharing some scary forecasts from the Corporate Executive Board's Information Technology Practice and titling my post  [ITBE]

North Carolina's technology job market continued to show signs of recovery with the number of IT job postings jumping 18.5 percent in July, according to the monthly jobs report issued by the North Carolina Technology Association. [Triangle Business Journal]

Re-shoring is the latest trend as U.S. companies see fewer costs than they anticipated from outsourcing overseas. . "A lot of businesses are trapped in the allure of offshoring, but my experience has been that there are more to the costs than what you are quoted," says an executive at one firm that tried offshoring. "I think so often we are quoted cheap prices overseas and we don't realize there are hidden costs." [The Seattle Times]

Physicians have leapfrogged the desktop and embraced mobile technologies, catching health information technologists off-guard. There's now opportunity for integrating smartphones into the health IT infrastructure. [American Medical News]

Companies worry less about security once they deploy cloud services. The Yankee Group says pre-implementation concerns stem from a lack of understanding of how the cloud works. [Centerbeam]

-- Dino Londis