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Is the wristwatch on its way to an untimely death? No, but it's sure evolving. LunaTik, a startup that got grassroots crowd funding on Kickstarter, takes the arm strap to the next step by crafting a shell to mount your Nano to your wrist. LunaTikThe company has two types -- one where the device snaps in and out, and one where it's screwed in so you can use your Nano as a watch. The downside: The tethered earbuds make listening to music pretty much impossible. For that you'd need a Bluetooth adapter and compatible earbuds. All that would make the ipod an expensive music player. HP and Fossil have more ambitious plans with their MetaWatch. It's nothing short of a hub for all your digital products, connecting with your laptop, smartphone and iPad. It can display your contacts, appointments and files. It may also tell the time. The MetaWatch has no scheduled release date or price, but a similar product from Sony Ericson, LiveView, is ready now. The $75 LiveView can be mounted as a watch, pendant, keychain or freestanding device that centrally manages all your connected gadgets. It connects to the Android Market to download apps written specifically for it. It's got a very small display, but if you want to get updates from several locations and play music without having to pull out your phone, this may be just the thing.