So, not long we asked you to send us the geekiest conversations you've ever had. We heard back from you both here and on Facebook (just scroll down, you'll see them). As someone who used to work in tech support, I can so relate to Kathy's Computer Class Blues. I think my favorite client was a woman who decided that the best way to fix any problem was to rip the power cord out of the wall and then plug it back in. She was on to something with the whole restarting your computer thing, but picked the most destructive way to go about it. My mother bought her first computer when she was 75. She was trying to describe a pop-up on her screen to me over the phone. Her only frame of reference is sewing so she said, "it's a square about 2 inches by 3 inches with a cross-stitch in the corner." Instead of explaining what was actually going on, I just said, "click on the cross stitch mom". As Dino shows in his comment, we used to live in simpler times. Well, if you want to argue about all this, or share your own excursions into geekiness, just post a comment below. -- Ophira Eisenberg P.S. to Jason on Facebook: Next time you doubt that the Jedi could be reduced to a myth in only a decade, just think Friendster, laser discs, and the Yugo.