Dice News RoundupHow Will the Mobile Phone Industry Respond to Google/Motorola? The huge news this week was Google’s proposed acquisition of Motorola Mobility, which has pundits speculating about how the highly volatile and competitive mobile business will respond, especially given the current patent wars. Among the possible scenarios:
  • Microsoft keeps a close partnership with Nokia but adds closer ties to Asian handset makers like Samsung, HTC, and LG Electronics.
  • Amazon and HP team up via WebOS.
  • Research In Motion becomes an attractive acquisition target, but for whom?
  • Sony Ericsson feels pressure to monetize its patents.
  • Apple (or someone else) rushes to buy Kodak’s $3 billion worth of  imaging patents.
Cnet IT Employment Rises Despite Lagging Economy: IT employment continued its month-over-month climb, growing for the 18th consecutive month. According to TechServe Alliance, the number of IT jobs increased by 1,800 to 4,053,600 jobs in July. That’s up by more than 120,000 jobs from a year ago, and above the 4 million mark that experts contend is a healthy sign for the IT market. “Despite the tepid recovery, IT employment remains a bright spot. Both the data and the anecdotal reports of our member companies confirm that demand for IT professionals remains robust, said Mark Roberts, CEO of TechServe Alliance. Reuters Old School Techs Face Job Hunt Challenges: While a vibrant tech job market should be good for everyone, the rush to attract top new talent is leaving some veteran employees in the dust. "If you were a minor tech employee at a B company, you are not going to come back to the tech industry anymore because they only want top talent," Kris Stadelman, executive director of NOVA, a federally funded employment and training agency based in Sunnyvale, told the San Francisco Examiner. Graduates from top comp sci programs may get as many as 10 offers, while recently laid-off workers find little interest. NBC Bay Area Dell Shows How Consumer Tastes Are Changing: Dell, the second-largest personal-computer maker, tumbled in trading after slower spending on PCs and consumer technology made it miss its sales forecast. Lackluster demand from the consumer marketplace offset stronger corporate orders for servers. It seems clear that consumers are choosing tablets and smartphones over new desktops, so as Dell suffers, Apple only gets stronger. Bloomberg Patent Wars Are Diverting Cash from Innovation: The current gold rush in tech patents is diverting money away from innovation and, experts say, is therefore hurting America. That’s ironic because patents are supposed to act as incentives for innovation, not inhibitors. The current market for patents is driven more by legal concerns than the pursuit of technical excellence. “It’s a transfer of wealth from innovators to bondholders and stockholders who have no motivation to innovate. It’s disturbing,” says one observer. The New York Times IBM Experimenting with Cognitive Computing: IBM announced two experimental chips that are structured more like the brain than earlier generations of CPUs, and could result in what Big Blue calls "cognitive computing." The idea: to make computers that work more like the human brain in perception and learning. Emulating the brain could result in devices that consume much less space and energy by copying the system and neurons and synapses that put memory and processing closer together. The Wall Street Journal Upcoming Tech Events VMworld 2011 August 29-September 1—Las Vegas Virtualization and cloud computing make it all possible. Learn how to unlock its full power for your organization. You'll find the knowledge and tools you need to realize your vision for virtualization and cloud computing within your organization — and deliver a meaningful business impact. NoSQL Now! Conference August 23-25—San Jose, CA NoSQL Now! covers NoSQL technologies (Not Only SQL). It is a vendor-neutral forum celebrating the diversity of NoSQL and helping businesses develop objective evaluation processes to match the right solutions with business challenges. NoSQL Now! is intended for every enterprise that needs to find better, faster and cheaper solutions to managing its fast growing databases and data stores. The educational program will be designed to accommodate all levels of technical understanding, from novice through expert, with an emphasis on the design and management needs of enterprise IT and big data applications. Dreamforce 2011 August 30-September 2—San Francisco Dreamforce brings together leaders in cloud computing to collaborate, connect, and inspire. Every year attendees learn how the next wave of cloud computing can help their businesses soar. Enjoy breakout sessions, hands-on training, and networking events, as well as keynotes, interactive demos, in-depth discussions, technical training and more. Dell IT Executive Leadership Summit August 31-September 2—Austin Attendees can create their own agenda over this two-day event, selecting from a number of sessions led by Dell IT and the CTO’s office. Attendees will also have the chance to hear guest speakers from Dell and around the IT world.