Main image of article Security Pros Will See Green in 2012
Hackers, crackers, cyberscams, data thieves--security professionals are always in demand, but maybe now more than ever. According to IT staffing agency Robert Half International's 2012 Salary Guide, security salaries are expected to rise 4.5 percent next year. Chief security officers can anticipate a 3.9 percent bump. The report says that many security jobs, especially midlevel and senior roles, will be in high demand. "Data security and protection, especially in industries such as banking and health care, will continue to be an in-demand area within technology," according to the Salary Guide. Almost a quarter of CIOs polled for the survey say security is their top concern. The survey also finds that data-security analysts, who assess security risks and offer solutions, will see average salaries rise by 6 percent, to between $89,000 and $121,500 based on experience and location. Other pay increases predicted by the Salary Guide:
  • network security administrator 4.9 percent
  • systems security administrator 4.6 percent
  • information systems security manager 4.1 percent
  • network security engineer 3.8 percent
2012 may turn out to be a year in which legions of IT pros flock to security certifications to prep their resumes for a job hunt in this burgeoning sector. Even if you don’t want to become a security pro, learning how to become the smart security go-to person in your department will certainly be to your advantage.