A Robert Half survey of 1,400 CIOs shows that nearly half (49 percent) plan to increase their use of tablet PCs in the next two years. For IT, the recruiter points out, "The challenge for IT departments will be providing adequate support and security." You can't drop 17 million tablets into consumers' hands and not expect them to influence the enterprise. The shift has come as a shock to IT departments that have grown accustomed to deploying technology only when they were good and ready. Now, though, either IT will take the lead, or it's going to lose control of how data is managed and secured. Half thinks businesses will need professionals who are not only are knowledgeable about mobile applications and security, but also can help their companies make better strategic use of mobile devices to enhance productivity and customer service. Professionals who'll make the most impact will have skills with applications development and security issues, along with troubleshooting for end users. In all, Dice lists about 150 jobs mentioning tablets. That's likely to grow as CIOs introduce the iPad, Playbook, Streak and other mobile devices into the enterprise. -- Dino Londis