Whenever you see the words "not enough" in an article about IT, you should scan it to see if there's a particular skill or talent you have that's in increasing demand. In this interesting article from CIO.com, the topic at hand is "smart management," specifically the skill of managing what it calls "the awe-inspiring and unprecedented push and pull of data and information needs" as terabytes of data flood enterprise systems and applications. That flood, Gartner says, will grow by 650 percent in the next five years. A related survey finds that 82 percent of managers feel that bad information leads to costly mistakes by business managers, with a majority saying that those mistakes cost them more than $5 million annually. Oops. The problem is that everyone at every level of the organization is tripping over these virtual stacks and stacks of data. Who's in charge? "79 percent of IT managers surveyed said data-quality responsibility was theirs; and 74 percent of the finance, sales and marketing respondents said it is their job to ensure data quality." A bit of a disconnect there, wouldn't you say? Look through the rest of the survey results to see if any of them remind you of anything going on in your organization. Taking responsibility for the quality of the reams of data that the business is generating is obviously really important. The question is who is supposed to take that responsibility? --Don Willmott