Main image of article New Social Video Producers Need Developers
Video WallSocial media is going video. The scramble to create the perfect social video sharing app is underway, with no fewer than seven startups already in the fray, some of them already hiring. Each of their products offers some kind of variation on taking short videos, shot with a smartphone and uploaded easily to an environment where they can be shared with friends or categorized for browsing and sharing with the wider world. Because these startups are small and nimble, most have few employees and few job openings at any given time. Those that are hiring for full-time staff are looking for a typical mix of Web and app developers (Rails, JavaScript, Flash, iOS, Android), Web designers, and video engineers. Here’s a quick roundup of who’s in the battle, and who’s hiring.
  • Socialcam: An early leader in the space, Socialcam is a mobile app for shooting, editing and sharing smartphone videos. It's gained early traction because of its origins in the well-known empire, and it’s hiring. The company's looking for "good generalist engineers," with no specific experience or skill set besides a solid grasp of CS fundamentals. You'll work on iOS and Android apps, the Rails back-end, new video effects and testing frameworks.
  • Tout: Tout allows users to record up to 15 seconds of video with one click, then push it out via SMS, Twitter, or Facebook with another. You can follow friends and family and engage in conversations about the videos. It's looking for folks experienced with JavaScript, software engineering and QA.
  • Mobli: Mobli lets you share special occasions, experiences or interests via subject-based channels. It needs a community manager, marketing manager and Web designer.
  • Spreecast: Spreecast lets people produce interactive face-to-face video broadcasts in which others can participate live. The shows are recorded and immediately available for playback and sharing, and you can embed them on your site or blog. Developers and engineers are high on its list.
  • Givit: Givit offers “private video sharing made easy.” With it, you share your videos only with friends and loved ones.
  • Viddy: Like Instagram, Viddy lets you add your own personal style through easy-to-use editing tools and special effects. You share them with friends via Twitter, Facebook, and your phone’s address book. This popular app has been the number one free app at Apple’s App Store.
  • Klip: Klip combines sharing on Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, SMS and YouTube with an integrated private video sharing experience for the closest friends and family.