Main image of article Some Job Trends That Might Scare You
If you need an excuse to finally take charge of your IT career, consider the latest forecast from the Corporate Executive Board. By 2015:
  • The ScreamSixteen roles that were a part of the IT department in 2010 will move to multifunctional shared services and/or business units.
  • The average organization will need 250 percent more information architects.
  • 88 percent of IT–related roles can be filled by employees without  technical backgrounds.
  • A third of today's IT roles will see declines of 80 percent or more in the number of positions required.
The CEB thinks most organizations don't have the talent to fill these emerging roles, yet 80 percent don’t offer training or coaching to develop the talent they need. Instead, they plan to fill openings with new hires, or by outsourcing the work to consulting firms. So: If you haven't given any though to creating a career plan that includes a list of the hybrid skills and strategic experience you want to acquire, time's a-wasting. Once you've put your thoughts on paper, look for ways to get the training you need. You want to be ready for a new role well before 2015.