Peter Kellner, founder and coordinator of Silicon Valley Code Camp, says that if you’re a developer, you need to be ready for the next big thing. Kellner has been running this event for seven years and the one constant he’s seen is constant change. Developers are always trying to figure out what the next big thing is, said Kellner and this year the conversation surged around HTML vs. native. Facebook's recent switch to native for its phone app, was the source of a lot of conversation. If you’re an HTML5 and CSS programmer, should you switch to native? What’s the right thing to do? Education is critical to a developer’s life, not just with programming languages, but all aspects of their business and having been in the game a long time, Kellner has noticed that successful developers are willing to throw out what they know and learn something else. “Their skill is not the thing that they know, but their ability to learn the next thing,” said Kellner, who admitted it’s frustrating when you have to become a newbie in a new language. Despite the challenges, if you’re not willing to pay the price, you’ll be stuck working on 15-year old technology. Image:  Code [Bigstock]