Main image of article Tech Jobs Rising Faster In San Francisco Than Silicon Valley
Silicon Valley is still the mecca for tech jobs, but it's losing some of its mojo to the greater San Francisco metropolitan area. In April, tech jobs in San Francisco, Marin and San Mateo counties soared 10 percent, to 94,100 positions. At the same time, Santa Clara and San Benito counties were up a mere 3 percent, to 211,000. Facebook's move to Menlo Park in December apparently contributed to the healthy bump for the San Francisco area - accounting for roughly 2,000 of the 8,700 new tech bodies gained. Though the short move from Palo Alto, in Santa Clara County, to Menlo Park, in San Mateo County, was less than 10 miles, it's significant in bragging rights when it comes to job growth. If San Francisco is smary, it will push even harder to lure big name players to its county borders and lock down the others with various tax incentives. Or better still, once the Facebook IPO fiasco blows over, maybe more Internet darlings will be able to go public and kick on their hiring machines.

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