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Over the next five years, most of the growth in technology jobs will be seen in companies whose focus lies in another area, like manufacturing, automotive, healthcare or retail. And the increased use of technology in those sectors portends another change in the IT job market: Jobs will spread into geographic regions not currently known as tech centers. All of that comes from an analysis conducted by CEB, a business advisory company based in Arlington, Va. To arrive at its findings, CEB conducted a market analysis that covered more than 900 cities, 100 countries, 1,000 skills and compared its relative supply of IT talent against available jobs across all industry sectors. Click here to find a healthcare-related tech job. CEB sees several new roles growing in importance: technology brokers, cloud integration specialists, collaboration evangelists, service architects, user-experience designers and information insight enablers, who help users make sense of business intelligence data. While many assume that most technology jobs reside at technology companies, CEB says that's true for just more than a third of the American IT workforce. And while the expansion of tech businesses continues to drive growth in hubs like Silicon Valley, San Francisco, Austin and New York, the increasing use of technology in non-tech industries is developing centers in markets like Phoenix, Denver, Philadelphia and Oklahoma City. All of those "are emerging as notable demand areas as employers of IT workers become more varied," CEB says. Indeed, the company believes the geographic impact of these changes will be dramatic. "It's the new reality for companies that want to succeed in today's dynamic work environment and the winners will be those companies who use location-based planning intelligence as a source of unique competitive talent advantage," said Jean Martin, its executive director. Among CEB's recommendations to employers: Stop screening candidates based on past performance and look at their potential. Such an approach is particularly important given how quickly IT skills can become obsolete, it said. The ability to learn quickly and use judgment are key traits to look for.

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