Tell Us About the Geekiest Conversation You've Ever HadHave you had a good laugh about "best practices" with your favorite LAN admin lately? Do your eyes light up when someone at the dinner table mentions DHCP? Are you obsessed with robots, cats, and coding along with your friends? Do you lovingly refer to your non-tech pals as "end-users?" Yes, yes, yes, and yes? Then we want to hear from you! What's the geekiest conversation you've ever had? Okay - choose just one. Was it about the finer points of setting up a Mail Server in a mixed environment? A debate over network protocols? An explanation of how you constructed an aquarium from a couple of old Mac Classics? The best way to remove roadblocks to the cloud? Why Nvidia Graphics Cards are the best? When Facebook will reach its tipping point? Where unicorns hide? What an average day for Aquaman is like? Who would win in a catfight between Buffy and Hermione? As technology professionals, we're the only people truly equipped to take over the world. Therefore, we have the right to debate whether Star Trek is better than Star Wars for as long as it takes. Or what Windows NT name size limits really are. So tell us about it! Whatever it is - from SSL to HTML, Petri Nets to Harry Potter. But please, no Pokemon. Send us anywhere from 2 to 10 lines of dialog detailing your conversation and we'll publish the greatest geek-outs. You can e-mail them to us, or just post them below. -- Ophira Eisenberg