It's virtually impossible to keep up with everything that's new in technology, but let's try to make it a little easier by assembling a list of really insightful online resources that analyze current trends and make some compelling predictions about the future.

I've recently become a fan of The McKinsey Quarterly, an online magazine from the prestigious management consulting firm that extrapolates from its constant research to find trends for the future. While a paid subscription is needed to unlock the entire site, even casual visitors can read such articles as "The Crisis: Timing Strategic Moves," "Five Trends that Will Shape Business Technology in 2009,"
and "The Economic Impact of Increased U.S. Savings." Interesting stuff.

The McKinsey Quarterly reminds me a bit of the The Economist, which has a consistently provocative Science and Technology section that I read weekly.

And even though I wasn't smart enough to get into MIT, I can handle the university's Technology Review, a magazine that looks down the road to provide hints about the kinds of IT jobs we'll all have ten or 20 years from now.

If you aren't in the habit of reading the entire Wall Street Journal every day, you should still bookmark its two technology blogs. All Things Digital breaks tech news all the time, and Digits collects all the reportage of the Journal's two dozen or so tech reporters. There's no better way to stay on top of breaking tech news that matters to business.

--Don Willmott