Having a hard time getting that resume out of your head and onto the page? I mean, what's so hard, right? It's just an inventory of skills and work history. Well, an inventory of skills and work history that can make a difference between getting the job you want or not.

Matt Linderman of 37signals thinks writer's block is sometimes just typer's block.
See, you'll be talking about an idea and nail it. But then when you sit down and try to type it out, it just doesn't come out right. You dance around the idea. Words get in the way of what you're trying to say.

A solution that's worked for us: Record the conversation where you get it out right. When you speak an idea, it engages a different part of your brain than when you write it. You often say it clearer when you're just riffing aloud. And you get to more gut-level stuff too. You bypass that "should I say this?" filter. You get it straight from your gut/brain instead of your fingers.
I think he may be onto something.

When you get stuck on your resume, try recording yourself talking about the day-to-day tasks and accomplishments of each job in your history.  This will help flesh things out, and you'll find a lot of  "oh yeah, I did that too while I was there" moments.  This is great interview prep, too.

When you're finished, transcribe the good bits for your resume, then listen again with an ear toward refining your interview performance.

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-- Chad Broadus