Main image of article Telecommuting Trends (Infographic)
Who loves to commute to their office every morning --  having to face the terrible traffic and getting all demotivated in the process, before they even start working? Not me. Do yourself a favor. Request to work from home. Tell your employer that you want to go "green" by minimizing the carbon footprint caused by your everyday commute. If he doesn't buy the idea, tell him that he can save money on office space. Tell him that your productivity will go through the roof, and you'll give him less trouble. If you're working in one of a company with over 5,000 employees, chances are he'll grant your wish. The infographic below, by WorkSimple, shows that more than 50 percent of the decision makers in those companies are positive they'll more employees working remotely going forward. They think they'll have higher productivity, too. Work From Home -- Infographic Photo credit: Ben McLeod