The Worst iPhone Apps EverSure, smartphones are great. But some app developers, well... let's just say they swing and miss. Here's my list of some of the iPhone apps to avoid.  Or not. Trapster This one might soon be pulled from the app store. It alerts drivers to speed traps, red light cameras and DUI checkpoints. Lawmakers don't look kindly on this one. Four U.S. Senators recently sent a letter to Apple asking the company to pull “numerous” apps that alert drivers to DUI checkpoints. iNap@Work When activated, this plays a series of typing, clicking, stapling or pencil sharpening (pencil sharpening?) sounds designed to fool your coworkers into thinking you're being productive  Meanwhile, you’re enjoying a post-lunch nap. However, the app is more likely to get you fired since the sounds are so strangely varied they're utterly unbelievable. Hold On! "Develop your perseverance and improve your concentration skills to make you more productive.” What it really does: Tests how long you can keep your finger on your phone. A reviewer who rated it five stars wrote, “Pretty good got 4th place 3:20:00.” Some people really, really need a life. iPickupLines Pick-up lines are usually not the most effective way to meet somebody, but what the heck. You're in a bar anyway, right? This brings bad pick-up lines right to your phone, so you can embarrass yourself by saying things such as “If you were a booger, I’d pick you first.” Ick. iTan As if cell phone radiation near your head wasn’t enough, now you can give yourself a quick dose of iPhone-based ultraviolet rays to complement your tan. Okay, as a joke it works. iFart Mobile Maybe flatulence can be a source of endless humor for young ones, but an app that produces, um, sound effects like “Burrito Maximo” on one of the most powerful mobile computers around is a waste - literally. Ick again. And the worst of the worst: Baby Shaker Thankfully, Apple pulled this one from the app store. But for a while users could attempt to silence an animated crying infant by shaking it. Enough said.