For your weekend reading pleasure, here are this week's five top stories on Dice News.
  • Silicon ValleyIn Silicon Valley, More Deals and More Jobs: Silicon Valley is a candidate’s market right now, says Monique Fierros, a San Jose-based Technical Recruiter for Randstad Technologies. “There is a lot of movement, and almost everyone I talk to on a daily basis has multiple opportunities in the works and can end up receiving multiple offers throughout the hiring process,” she says. “Hiring managers have to move quickly before the candidates are no longer on the market.”
  • The Best Tech Companies for Work-Life Balance: Flexible schedules and a 35-hour work week make SAS employees the most satisfied around when it comes to work-life balance, according to a survey by Glassdoor. But one of the more interesting developments in this year’s report is the inclusion of Yahoo for the first time.
  • 5 Things to Learn About Computer Science Degrees: Computer science degrees come with a common misconception, which often discourages students from pursuing a degree: They’ll turn you into an isolated code cruncher. That’s not really the case.
  • Ford Expands Hiring For Engineers, IT Specialists: Ford has expanded the number of salaried workers it plans to hire this year by 800, bringing the total to 3,000. About 80 percent of these positions are for engineers and IT specialists. Most will be based in Michigan.
  • Job Hopping Opens Opportunities at Health IT Vendors: Tech professionals trying to get into Healthcare IT can find numerous opportunities with the companies that provide technology and services to healthcare providers, even if employment with those vendors may be volatile over the next few years.