Application Development: Top 10 Programming Languages to Keep You Employed [eWeek]
Picking the language that is right for you also has as much to do with what kind of development you want to do and who you might want to work for as it does with how much money you want to earn.

VMware's Maritz: OSes are Having Their Jobs Stolen [ComputerWorld]
Virtualization and open development frameworks are squeezing out operating systems in data centers.

BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) 5.0 SP2 Notes Detail New IT Policies for "BlackBerry 6" [CIO]
Here's quick list of BlackBerry-6-specific IT policies in BES 5.0 SP2, from the software release.

IT Project Management: 10 Less-Considered Keys to Success [CIO]
What's the recipe for project management success? Many IT professionals agree that buy-in and support from top management, clearly define scope and requirements, good communication, and the right project resources.

Microsoft's Bing Turns Up the Heat in War with Google [ComputerWorld]
Bing's new features will push Google to respond with its own innovations, say analysts.

-- Sonia R.Lelii