Wipro joins Google, Apple and Facebook with a new data center in North Carolina. The facility will create 17 tech jobs, but more importantly become a hub for smaller tech businesses to open around it. [GovMonitor] Here's one for the cloud. Six hundred city government hard drives were wiped clean and local data was permanently lost due to a technician's error in Nashville. [MSNBC] According to the Hackett Group, IT, Finance, HR, and other back office functions have lost 1.1 million jobs to outsourcing. For IT the outsourcing has mostly leveled off, but the next target is corporate finance. [ZDNet] The White House declared November 19 the first National Entrepreneur Day. "All Americans can play a role in increasing the prevalence and success of new start-ups," said the president.  [MarketWire] To support its new LearJet 85 program, Bombardier Aerospace is hiring 170 engineering and information technologists at its U.S. and Canadian facilities. [Trading Markets] Starting tomorrow, Dice's Daily News Roundup a more in-depth, weekly feature. We're digging deeper and searching farther for trends, opportunities, and career strategies. More than ever, it will be your jumping off point for employment news and analysis.