David Cappuccio, managing vice president of research firm Gartner, offers ten trends that are impacting IT now. "If you don't pay attention to all of them, you will get blindsided," Cappuccio told an audience of 300 at the Midsize Enterprise Summit in Miami, according to a ChannelWeb article. Cappuccio's top IT trend list:

  1. Virtualization
  2. Data Deluge
  3. Energy and Green IT
  4. Consumerization and Social Networks
  5. Unified Communications
  6. Complex Resource Tracking
  7. Mobility and Wireless
  8. System Density
  9. Mash-ups and Enterprise Portals
  10. Cloud Computing

Capuccio hit an interesting note with number six: Complex Resource Tracking. The idea is to track IT energy usage and automatically initiate changes based on workload levels with the idea of reducing energy consumption. Cappuccio advises IT folks to get to know the facilities guys.

Although he was talking to CIOs of midsize companies, Capuccio's list is the kind of thing folks in the trenches should bear in mind. First, it never hurts to know what your boss is thinking. Second, these are areas to consider when you're trying to decide where to focus your training and certification pursuits.

-- Sonia Lelii