North Carolina may outsource most of its IT work and consolidate much of what's left, all in order to help cut a projected $3 billion deficit. The state has to seek a consultant to help reorganize its Office of Information Technology Services. [InformationWeek]

Yahoo is seeking a few good hackers. Jeff Kinder, senior VP for media products and solutions, says the company is "open to many ways of having a stake in creative young companies." Though it doesn't have a set program in place, in the past Yahoo's gleaned solid ideas from hackers and its Open Hack Days, Kinder says. [ComputerWorld]

Many IT professionals think cloud computing will result in more jobs. A poll conducted by UK recruiter CWJobs found 75 percent of 1,300 tech professionals believe cloud skills will make them more marketable, while 40 percent believe the cloud will lead to an overall increase in the number of IT positions. [OneStopClick]

IBM merged its hardware and software divisions into a single unit under one manager, a move that some observers say points to the company's intention to offer fully integrated systems. The combination could better position Big Blue against competitors like Oracle. [CIO Update]

You know how we're always saying you have to be careful with what you post on Facebook? How your boss or potential boss could see things you've done, say, during your last weekend at the shore house or the night before your college graduation? Here's proof. [Huffington Post]

-- Mark Feffer