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Sometimes it happens: You know in the first minutes of the interview that you're not a good fit. That doesn't mean your visit has to be a complete waste of time, trhough. Make the most of it and treat the meeting like an informational interview. Click here to see Agile-related jobs. Ask about other job openings or future needs at the company that might be a better fit for your skills and experience. After all, many positions are unadvertised and you may uncover a hidden opportunity just by asking. And don't be shy. The company was interested enough to invite you in and you may find the manager opens up once he's no longer in interview mode. If your initial probes prove unfruitful, ask the interviewer if he knows someone who could use your services, or if he has any tips or advice. After all, this is a perfect time to get feedback on your resume and interviewing techniques.

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