During the good old days of the dot-com boom, up-and-coming dot-com companies were providing amazing and wacky perks to attract and retain employees. Gourmet chefs, in-house dry cleaning, massages, playground slides from floor to floor…the list was endless. And guess what? They’re baaaaaaaack. Business Insider’s current list of top tech employers to work for includes details of some eye-popping benefits that the new generation of tech startups is using to reel in (and trap) top talent. How many, if any, of these benefits does your employer provide? Some highlights: Voxy “The company lets employees vote on gifts for achieving team milestones -- the last of which was a new refrigerator with a never-ending supply of beer and wine! Free snacks and dinners, cab rides, gym membership, paid company outings to bars, incredible views from a sun-drenched loft in Manhattan, flextime, and even Mandarin lessons.” “The company's offices in Palo Alto boast an array of swing sets, ping-pong tables, and basketball hoops for the employees to use during their downtime.” Thycotic Software “Employees receive annual bonuses of up to seven percent of their salary, 401k matches, four weeks paid vacation, and full healthcare for the employee and family. Additional perks include catered lunches and a custom-designed soda fountain with unlimited supply.” Eventbrite “Unlimited sick days, completely flexible paid time off and holiday options, as well as the ability to telecommute. Not only do employees receive comprehensive medical coverage, the company will let them see any doctor in the world with a $10 co-pay, and has acupuncturists and chiropractors available for free.” a la mode “Week-long company-wide parties have become infamous and apparently feature the likes of live bands, dump trucks full of sand for beach volleyball and lots of beer.” Tagged “Free gym membership, yoga classes, and even an on-site masseuse. If that's not enough, the office is teaming with sporting, recreational and video games. And aside from full medical coverage and unlimited paid time off, employees can look forward to monthly wine tastings in the office.”