MasterCard Enlists R&D Talent for the Battle [BTN]
MasterCard has opened a new research and development lab in an attempt to make sure it doesn't fall behind the curve as the pace of payments tech innovation and the number of feisty startups-accelerate.

The Coming Land Run on Health Care IT [ITBE]
Big tech vendors are eyeing health care IT more seriously after the federal government announced plans to spend about $20 billion updating the country's medical records and IT systems.

Cloud Computing Shopping List: 4 Key Ingredients [CIO]
Sales of cloud-related technology are growing at 26 percent per year - six times the rate of IT spending overall, though they made up only about 5 percent of total IT revenue this year, according to IDC's Cloud Services Overview report.

Android Developers Puzzled Over Missing Apps [cnet]
Android developers are reporting that Google has been slow to react to applications that are disappearing from the Android market.

Application Development: Google Chrome Web Store Looks to Entice Developers [eWeek]
Eventually developers will be able to sell their Chrome browser-based Web applications through the Chrome Web Store. Developers will keep 70 percent of app sales, with Google getting this rest.

Nanotech Industry is Set to Grow Quickly, Says Plunkett Research [BusinessWire]
Plunkett Research, Ltd. has released its newest market research that indentifies and analyzes major trends shaping the nanotech industry.

-- Sonia R.Lelii