With most of the networking infrastructure in place, the future of IT is in the hands of developers and those who can write imaginative code. [ZD Net]

Tampa-area contractors may dodge the pending military cutbacks due to their key role in the Afghan war. Techs working in the region area will enjoy job security and - if they are awarded a security clearance - average pay of 12 percent more than those without clearance. [Tampa Bay Online]

Though higher than we'd like to see, the unemployment rate for IT professionals is hovering around 6 percent, lower than the national average. [New York Times]

Gartner reports that U.S. companies have been hedging their bets by hiring temporary contractors rather than staffing permanent positions while they gauge the economy's direction. [Information Management]

If you've ever complained about the government's inability to solve problems, here's a chance to change things. The White House has launched a contest website to find and fix big problems for cash prizes. [NextGov]

-- Dino Londis