With the latest employment numbers reporting almost 4 million tech workers, close to the all-time high, some industry watchers are starting to complain these estimates from the Bureau of Labor Statistics are far too low. There may actually be more than 20 million tech workers, says industry analyst David Foote, who argues, as do others, that the categorizations used by the BLS don't reflect today's IT world. Beginning in April, when first quarter 2011 employment stats are issued, the BLS will add more IT categories, which should raise the number of tech workers it counts. But no matter how high we count, they're counting higher in Asia. IT hiring expectations in Singapore and Hong Kong are at their highest levels in more than ten years. In Singapore, 72 percent of respondents to a survey said they plan to hire more staff this quarter, up from 68 percent in the previous quarter. In Hong Kong, the number is 77 percent, and in China it's 72 percent. Here at home, the discussion is more about furloughs than hiring. A new House bill introduced by Rep. Mike Coffman (R-CO) would require federal workers to take two non-consecutive weeks of furlough in fiscal 2012. Those in some posts related to national security, public health and law enforcement would be exempt. Unhappy unions are suggesting that members of Congress take a 10 percent pay cut themselves. Will green technology be a savior? Maybe. While California's overall unemployment rate is stuck at a nasty 12.4 percent, green jobs continued to grow during the downturn. The state's "Core Green Economy" had 174,000 jobs in January 2009, up from 169,000 in January 2008, according to the report by Next 10, a nonpartisan think tank. However, a Wall Street Journal analysis of green jobs in the Bay Area city of Fremont found that even though the area is perceived as a hotbed of solar and other green tech, the firms are small and haven't grown as fast as some had hoped. Still, Fremont's unemployment rate is a relatively refreshing 8.2 percent. Bay area neighbor Intel is doing better. The chip giant had great fourth-quarter gains and is talking about making more than 1,000 new hires, spending more on new plants and equipment to keep up with chip demand and improve the capabilities of its products. The good news is that because Intel makes the building blocks of all sorts of high-tech gadgetry, its success is a leading indicator for success across the entire tech industry. If all else fails, you can always "has cheezburger." The wildly successful Cheezburger Network, an empire built on cute kitten photos with funny captions, is growing up fast, collecting $30 million in venture capital and posting new jobs. The company currently has 50 humor sites in its stable and has an audience of 16.5 million unique visitors per month. 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