Would you rather take a severance package and go on unemployment, or take a pay cut to save your job? How about a furlough or unpaid vacation? A recent survey sponsored by consultancy firm Work+Life Fit found 94 percent of adults employed full-time would prefer a pay cut or reduction in hours rather than lose their positions entirely. Some specifics, as reported in CIO:
  • 78 percent would adjust to a compressed work week.
  • 59 percent would accept additional unpaid vacation or up to two weeks of unpaid leave.
  • 48 percent would share their job with a co-worker.
  • 47 percent would work fewer hours for less pay.
  • 41 percent would change their employment status from a full-time to contractor.
  • 41 percent are willing to work the same amount of hours while taking a pay cut.
  • 31 percent would take an unpaid sabbatical of one month or longer.
  • Only 5 percent would prefer a layoff over the above.

Did I hear someone say American workers aren't flexible?

-- Sonia Lelii