Main image of article Which Financial Institutions are Hiring the Most Technologists?

Recent data from nonprofit association CompTIA suggests that finance and insurance companies are hungry for technologists. But which financial institutions have been hiring the most technologists over the past few months? 

For an answer, we can turn to Emsi Burning Glass, which collects and analyzes millions of job postings from across the country. Based on data collected from the past 90 days, it’s clear that the nation’s largest financial giants are doing the most hiring (no surprise there). While finance-centric startups might draw a lot of buzz, it’s the old-school institutions actively on the hunt for thousands of developers, product managers, data scientists, and other specialists. Take a look at the chart:

And which skills are most in-demand within these institutions? Emsi Burning Glass can give us some insight into that, too. It’s clear these companies want technologists who’ve not only mastered technical skills and programming languages such as Java, Python, and SQL, but who also have a solid grasp of the fundamentals of software development and project management:

If you want to use your tech skills in a finance context, it’s also vital to learn SQL (structured query language), given how much these companies rely on manipulating and mining extremely large datasets. SQL allows technologists to modify a database’s index structures, retrieve information, and generate new tables.

Learning popular programming languages such as the aforementioned Java and Python can also help you land a job within this particular industry, as it’s clear these companies utilize these languages to build their various services and apps. Mastery of  “soft skills” (i.e., empathy, communication, and more) never hurts, either—you never know when a manager might want their best technologists to talk a client or senior leadership through the workings of a new platform or service.