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Amtex provides high-quality end-to-end software solutions across industries through unique models and methodologies, to deliver time, cost, quality and full-service advantages best-of breed in nature. Amtex assists clients in making informed business decisions through high-impact insight, advice, and research. An international network of industry experts enables us to carry out global and country-specific projects.

Our software professionals have multiple platform skills and rich domain experience in various industry segments. Our project management staff has developed methods and structures that allow us to manage complex projects. Our clients enjoy the control over projects that comes with merging their personnel and our staff in a unified team working to promote a transfer of knowledge, while, our consultants have the expertise to handle projects of any size with confidence.

Amtex can deploy a formidable onsite task force that has the experience developing and maintaining mission-critical application software needed to make a client's vision a reality. For those clients who need to focus on their core strengths and leave the technology requirements to outsourced solutions, Amtex has an offsite development model which stresses importance on time-critical, fixed cost projects with no cost over-runs to assist clients in concentrating on their core strategies. These projects are undertaken on as well as off client premises, releasing clients from the burden of daily scrutiny and supervision, as well as high attrition rates so common when hiring contractors.

Amtex Systems has a cost effective offshore development methodology that provides significant savings of approximately 75% or more through the utilization of a state of the art offshore development center based in Chennai, India. Our approach is a select business model, which essentially creates a dedicated pool of specialized multi-disciplinary resources. The center is well equipped with modern infrastructure, hardware and software resources and is closely knit by high-speed communication links.

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