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About DW Practice, LLC

DW Practice, LLC is an Atlanta based software consulting and product development company, pioneering in Global Service Delivery model. DWP's mission is to provide our clients with the services of highest possible value. DWP, over the past decade, has provided services to a large number of clients that range from Fortune 500 to small businesses.

DWP primarily focuses on clients that have technology needs. DWP strives to meet the needs of the clients by combining a range of our services to deliver the result that is expected by the client. With a decade of experience DWP has developed three different sets of services. They are software development services, product development services and IT staffing services.

DWP is uniquely qualified to deliver these services. A software product company that partners with DWP can meet the full spectrum of their technology needs. Our clients leverage us to fulfill their staffing their resources locally to outsourcing the software development, increase and reduce the number of resources to meet customer installations and new product development, new customer support, upgrade support, and many such services.

DWP competes in a market segment where most companies are offshore companies that seek to find their customers in USA, Europe and Australia. DWP differentiates itself from the fact that DWP is a US based organization that leverages the Global Delivery model not only to serve the clients but also to run the internal operations. DWP is practicing what it is preaching the clients. DWP, a US based organization, was able to reduce the cost of operations while enhancing the value provided to customers. DWP is advising and implementing for the customers to achieve the same results by sharing the continuously improving best practices.

DWP promises to reduce the base cost of operations of a software company without any reduction in the ability to deliver the value to clients and in fact increase the value that will be delivered. This is done through a full range of services from DWP. Leveraging Global Delivery Model, DWP will deploy its resources at the client site, in our offices in USA and in our offices in India to obtain the maximum value for the budget without compromising the quality.

In one sentence, DWP will enable a software company s operational capability to go global with one Partnership.

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Locations: Corporate Office : DW Practice, LLC Atlanta, GA 30338 - 5714; DW Practice INDIA PVT. LTD Andhra Pradesh, India Industry Focus: Software Telecom Healthcare Finance Retail