Edgilent Corp. Careers

  • Schaumburg, IL

About Edgilent Corp.

Edgilent Corp. is an e-business software development and technology service provider whose mission is to help our customers implement technology solutions to solve business problems effectively, economically and efficiently. Headquartered in Schaumburg, Illinois with offices in Chicago, St.Paul, MN, and Chennai, India, Edgilent serves its clients by providing specialized consulting services, general professional services, and defined solution offerings in web development, e-Commerce, Business Intelligence.

Our Clients

Our clients are businesses interested in leveraging the opportunities provided by information technology and internet and turn them into sustainable market leadership. These are the current and emerging industry leaders that are looking for proven, reliable, quick-to-market, cost competitive technology solutions and services to reduce costs, improve operational performance and get closer to their customers. These are John Deere, United Stationers, Micros-Retail, Credit-Suisse, University Healthsystem Consortium, SG2 and PepsiCo to name a select few. They are the reasons for Edgilent s existence and its growth.

Our Values

  • ●Respect for the Individual
  • ●Pursuit of Excellence
  • ●Entrepreneurial Spirit
  • ●Win-Win Philosophy
  • ●Strength in Diversity

These are the values that each and every one of Edgilent s employees strives to live by in their every day activities. These values are practiced in all aspects of what we do and thus institutionalized into the organization s memory.