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ImageSoft is a growing company centered around the mission of providing people better access to the justice system and bringing
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Our Business - ImageSoft was founded in 1996 by Michigan born entrepreneurs, who were driven by a sincere belief that they could build a better team to create and deliver innovative solutions that would allow organizations to operate more efficiently and effectively.Our enterprise content management solutions streamline our clients unique business processes, allowing them to simplify their business, increase productivity, control costs and improve margins. Headquartered in Southfield, Michigan, ImageSoft services customers throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. Our Culture - We recognize that our success is due to the outstanding talent and dedication of our employees. We strive to make ImageSoft a place where work is fun, team members are part of an extended family, and your opinion counts. We conduct ourselves with integrity and fairness in our relationships with our partners, customers, and employees. Our People - ImageSoft hires bright passionate people, who inspire, encourage, and challenge each other every day. The open exchange of ideas is encouraged and thinking beyond the norm is expected, no matter what position you hold. We have high expectations of performance, and every individual and team can truly make a difference at ImageSoft. Contributions are highly visible, acknowledged, and rewarded throughout all of our teams. Every employee has a say in his or her career development. If there is something new you want to try and are willing to work for it, we will do our best to make it happen. Our Core Values - We deliver what we promise, and delight in exceeding our customers' expectations. We conduct ourselves with integrity and fairness in our relationships with our partners, customers, and employees. We are people with energy and enthusiasm, passionately dedicated to doing the right thing. We believe that our employees are our most valuable resource. We strive to provide solutions and services that exceed the highest standards set by our customers and believe that every customer should be a positive reference.

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